Current Projects

Animas Watershed Partnership

The Animas Watershed Partnership(AWP) brings local interests together to discuss and find ways to improve water quality in the lower Animas River Basin. The mission of the AWP is to protect and improve the quality of water resources in the Animas Watershed. The full AWP is a diverse, grassroots group of individuals from Colorado, New Mexico, the Southern Ute Tribe, and governmental agency representatives – in short, anyone interested in collaborating across boundaries toward the protection and improvement of water resources in the Animas Watershed.

The AWP’s current projects include: Landowner Partner Projects, Microbial Source Tracking, Lightner Creek Initiative, 3 Year Action Plan, Outreach, and Project Development. Please visit the AWP’s website at for more information.

Cloudy Ridge Productions

Cloudy Ridge Productions, a Durango, Colorado based non-profit production company, creates unique, timely and engaging films and documentaries to show how important the ancient civilizations of the southwestern United States are and that it is still possible to protect what little of this early culture is left. Cloudy Ridge Production uses time-lapse photography, aerial cinematography, and interviews with people intimately involved in trying to save these disappearing places to convey a message of preservation. A message that will show both the positive and negative aspects of our present civilization’s relationship with this ancient culture and why it’s in our best interest to protect what is left of these places. The documentaries and video clips that we produce will also encourage people to help save these important places by respecting them and sharing in the stewardship of our cultural history. Learn about Cloudy Ridge’s newest production about Navajo Weavers Beauty from Tradition

Colorado Water Officials Association District 7

The mission of the Colorado Water Officials Association is to benefit its members by providing an organization through which water resource personnel within the Division of Water Resources and the Colorado Water Conservation Board can educate the State’s citizens as to the importance of water rights administration and management, as well as to inform the General Assembly and local governments and organizations about important water issues, and to further professional development of its members.

Durango Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids

Durango Mountain Camp provides extensive one-on-one Orton-Gillingham based language training for professionally diagnosed dyslexic youngsters ages 11-17 (day campers 8-13).

DMC’s highly personalized academic program builds a strong language foundation which allows students greater success when they return home to their normal academic environment. Many of these youngsters will progress through several grade levels in their language skills during the 5-week summer session. Durango Mountain Camp also provides an outstanding summer experience through an exciting selection of uncommon outdoor pursuits. These challenging activities help develop creativity, enhance self-esteem, foster individual strengths and generate a great deal of enthusiasm. Greater self-confidence, gained through successful participation in these outdoor pursuits, often translates to a more positive attitude, which can last long after campers leave Durango Mountain Camp.

Old Fort Market Garden Cooperative

Market Garden Incubator participants formed the Old Fort Market Garden Cooperative to allow them to purchase general and product liability insurance as a group. The San Juan RC&D Council assists this project by providing fiscal agency.

Phase 3, SW Basin Roundtable’s Implementation Plan

This project is conducting outreach efforts advancing the implementation of the Colorado’s Water Plan and Basin Implementation Plan at sub-basin and statewide levels; and to provide technical and process support for implementation of the Colorado’s Water Plan and Basin Implementation and related IPPs pertaining to priority projects as identified by the Southwest Basin Roundtable. More specifically the purpose of this effort is to: conduct workshops and present at local meetings that have an interest in water.

San Juan Basin Recycling Association

To educate school children, residents and businesses in the communities throughout our region about new and existing recycling programs, as well as the benefits of these programs.

Past Projects

Upper San Juan Mixed Conifer Working Group

Upper San Juan Mixed Conifer Working Group To improve the health of the mixed conifer zone in Southwest Colorado.

Montezuma Climate Action Network

To utilize education and collaboration to engage the entire Montezuma community in a climate action plan that will result in a cumulative greenhouse gas reduction of 20% by 2015 and ensure a sustainable, secure, future for ourselves and future generations.